We pride ourselves on having the facilities and skills to make, produce, repair and redesign many parts in-house. We ensure that all work carried out on vehicles is always completed in a subtle way that blends in with the type of vehicle that we are working on. We take extreme care and consideration to make sure that all new parts look as if they have always been there, and wherever possible preserve the originality of the vehicle.

We have well equipped Machine Shop facilities in house, that allow us to control the quality of all the parts we manufacture. This gives us a huge advantage in being able to instantly get the parts we need without outsourcing.

We can supply a vast amount of parts, including bespoke, and make a large quantity of things that you might think obsolete. We also have the potential to redesign parts in house, and cast new items from patterns that were previously obsolete.

We also manufacture custom wiring looms in period colours with all the correct whipped and bound ends, you will not find better in the business.